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With the Garden Paws demo I felt like I knew more about the world, was guided well to know what I was doing, and had a nice relaxing time (about10hoursworth) of enjoying the demo game, leaving me anxious to get the full game. 

With Potion Paws I had some trouble at first finding out what to do, but it was easy once I realized maybe I was the fool who just didn't know what to do. However, I could not find any option for sound- this really made the playthrough of the demo boring. Here's to when there is music for the full game. The game itself isn't boring, especially if it's similar to Garden Paws, but unlike the demo for that, this didn't really seem to give me many options to explore, sell, etc. There was one potion, involving a green leaf, I just couldn't figure out- there were no green leaves in the small area surrounding the house, and you can't go anywhere. The NPC doesn't talk to you, sure to be different in the actual game, but I kind of wish he'd been a merchant to let us expierience selling the potions, or someone in need of a potion who sought us out to make it. 

I can't help but think maybe I downloaded a faulty demo- the graphics seemed to glitch in little black and white rectangles. Or that I, being unguided, am missing something more, if there's more, to the demo. 

I am sill excited for the full game though! 

I didn't get to finish because my computer crashed the program, but its super cute looking and looks like itll be fun!! It does seem a little sensitive to control, and the walls clipped a fair bit as I walked past them. I'm excited to see the finished game!