Dodge enemy shots and shoot yourself at enemies in this multiplayer arcade shooter. Fight enemies and other players and compete to see who gets the highest score!

You shoot yourself by using your charge, but be careful! This also doubles as your health!

2 Controls (Jam Challenge) :

  •  Mouse movement to aim
  • Mouse click to shoot yourself (if you have enough charge)

Charge/Health seen around the mouse or visual indicator on ship + boost.

A game by Bobsi and Daniel Snd with music from Thiago Adamo

This game was made in 48h for the Bad Mama Jama Game Jam.

All the art and music was made during the jam specifically for this game.

Tools used:

  • Unity Engine
  • Magica Voxel
  • Blender
  • Photoshop
  • Ableton Audio
  • FMOD Studio
  • Visual Studio
  • Jetbrains Rider
  • Fishnet Multiplayer
  • Digital Ocean (Server)


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This in 48 hours!? Very well done.
A problem I encountered is my exp can easily reach above the maximum for that level without me leveling up.
Also it would be great if there were more feedback on collision/hits etc.
Nice work.

Thank you very much ^^
Yeah the experience/leveling system was a funny last addition to the game, so that never got tested properly. We are also really happy with the result for only 48 hours.

Also, I couldn't agree more about the feedback! There are a bunch of different types of interactions that we didn't get around to polishing too much.

Nicely done! I didn't know that it was a multiplayer until i started playing with another viewers. Well done for 48hours.

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Glad you liked it ^^
Just watched the vod, and you actually are against each other as well. It is inspired by the .io style games. And happy you enjoy the graphics as well!

I added the keyword "multiplayer" in the description now ;-)